The procedures carried out by us may not necessarily have covered all issues thay may be relevant to make a decision, pertaining to behaviors or acts which have been subject to allegations. The decision whether and on what terms to proceed with the proposed transaction is therefore entirely under responsibility of the company which is subject to the allegation.


Reports will be prepared by us on the basis of what we have been informed by the whistleblowers and sent to companies which are subject to the allegations in case there is a written contract between KPMG and the related firm, covering this service. Within this concept, it needs to be noted that KPMG has no responsibility to verify whether the allegations are ensured, based on the whistleblowers’ observations or can be evidenced when needed. We have not, however, sought to establish the reliability of the sources to other evidence.


In preparing the report, our primary source will be the information provided by the whistleblowers. We do not accept responsibility for such information which remains the responsibility of the companies which are subject to the allegations.


Our report will be provided solely for the benefit of the parties identified in our engagement letters. KPMG has no responsibility to perform additional work, evaluate the results or comment on any case that occur after our services we provide under the contract (including any audit report to be published).


Consequently we cannot express a professional opinion on the information gathered and we do not provide any assurance about information provided to us.


No reasoning can be made based on the report which will be prepared by us or on related documents and oral statements made based on these documents and presentations should not be considered as KPMG’s final conclusion.


In case the name, surname and contact information of the notifier are stated by the notifier, personal data will be processed by KPMG within the scope of Turkish Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698. If the notifier requests his/her personal data, which is processed by KPMG, to be deleted, destroyed or anonymized according to the Turkish Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698, the personal data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized and this request of the notifier will be communicated to the data controller upon determination that the reasons to process the personal data have been removed. The personal data requested to be notified to him/her will not be shared due to the reason of deletion, destruction or anonymization.